Root Camp 2024: A Gardening 101 Series for Beginners (2024)

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Root Camp is 11 expert-led classes to give YOU the power to create the garden of your dreams. Perfect for beginners, but all are welcome!

By Warner's Nursery

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Join us for Warner’s Root Camp, offering expert-led classes specifically tailored for the beginning gardener - and for Northern Arizona's unique micro-climates.

Mix and match from the 11 classes offered. Each class is $10 (plus processing fees), but for each class you attend, you'll get a $10 token that can be redeemed for plants and gardening products.

  • Pruning, March 9, 10 am. Tree pruning encourages tree growth and structure. In this session, we cover all the basics and benefits of pruning your trees from a native Flagstaff arborist. Your Instructor: Mick Henry is the owner and operator of Mick’s Tree Service and an ISA certified arborist.
  • Seed Starting, March 16, 10 am. Seed starting indoors is a cost-effective way that allows you to grow long season crops in short season climates. Your Instructor: Adair Patterson manages the Research Greenhouse at NAU, which supports a variety of community garden efforts both on and off campus alongside academic plant research and native plant restoration in the southwest.
  • Waterwise Landscaping, March 23, 10 am. From drip irrigation to rainwater harvesting to the use of native plants, there are lots of ways to grow a lush garden while conserving water use. Your Instructor: Emily Melhorn is the Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Flagstaff. She enjoys educating the public about water conservation techniques and city resources. She is also a Coconino Master Gardener with an interest in sustainable gardening practices.
  • Berries, March 30, 2 pm. With the right conditions, berries can be easy to grow. This talk will introduce the requirements for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries to help you decide which berries might grow successfully in your gardens. Your Instructor: Hattie Braun is the County Director for the University of Arizona’s Coconino Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener Program Coordinator for Coconino County. She has been teaching gardening classes in Flagstaff since 1998.
  • Crop & Garden Planning, April 6, 10 am. Description: Set yourself up for success in your garden by learning about choosing the right varieties of plants for Flagstaff, succession planting, timing, and season extenders. Your Instructor: Tina Gustafson is a Coconino Master Gardener with nearly a decade of gardening experience and a Master’s in Environmental Studies. She loves teaching folks how to grow their own food and turn their gardening passions into edible gardens they'll love.
  • Fruit Trees, April 13, 10 am. Many fruit trees are easy to grow in Northern Arizona but producing a fruit crop can be challenging. This talk will focus on which types and cultivars do best in the high country. Your Instuctor: Hattie Braun is the County Director for the University of Arizona’s Coconino Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener Program Coordinator for Coconino County. She spent many years working with fruit trees in central Pennsylvania before moving to Flagstaff.
  • Composting, April 20, 10 am. Compost adds organic matter and healthy micro-organisms to your soil for better gardening. This course is designed to teach you how to turn food waste and other materials into high-quality plant-loving compost. Your Instructor: Frank Branham is a retired chef, former owner of the Cottage Place, Coconino Master Gardener, and current President of the CMGA (Coconino Master Gardener Association.) He has a large garden at home that used to provide food for his restaurant.
  • Veggie Gardening at High Elevation, April 27, 10 am. Growing a vegetable garden at high elevation can be very challenging and frustrating. Learn the key concepts of producing a flourishing garden here in Flagstaff. Your Instructor: Jim Mast is a graduate of Coconino County’s first Master Gardener class in 1991 and has taught the vegetable gardening section to Master Gardener trainees since 1992. Jim has done numerous gardening presentations around Flagstaff and Northern Arizona for many years, including talks at four Arizona Highlands Garden Conferences.
  • Raised Beds and Container Gardening, May 4, 10 am. If you’re dealing with limited space or poor soil, come learn about the benefits of container and raised bed gardening. From buckets to pots, wood frames to rocks, there’s a raised bed or container style just for you! Your Instructor: Janan Scott is a Coconino Master Gardener and past coordinator for the Coconino Community College Garden. She gardens at home using raised beds and containers, loves landscaping with native plants, and has a soft spot for paper wasps.
  • Landscape Trees for Northern Arizona, May 11, 10 am. Your Instructor: Elias Russell
  • Pollinators and Native Plants: A Love Story, May 18, 10 am. Highlighting the unique relationships between a few of our region's native plants and the pollinators that can't get enough of them. From the hypnotic datura and the hawkmoth to the beloved milkweed and monarch, come learn some fun facts about plant adaptations, pollinator obsessions, and ecological interdependence. Your Instructor: Gina Goegan is the Greenhouse Manager at the Arboretum at Flagstaff and a Coconino Master Gardener. Gina has been in Flagstaff since 2008 when she obtained her Master's Degree in Applied Environmental Communication. She has a deep love and appreciation for the Colorado Plateau landscape especially the native plant that grow here.


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Root Camp 2024: A Gardening 101 Series for Beginners (2024)
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