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Australian Indigenous Classroom Rug

Hard wearing yet soft and comfortable for students to sit on and enjoy circle or story time. This stunning rug is one of our newest contemporary designs. The soft and calming colours help to create a serene environment in your education space.Not only are these rugs Commercial quality to withstand the rigours of an education environment but we also include a 3-year warranty.


  • To view other Indigenous Mats in our range, clickhere.

Designed for the Australian Classroom

  • The non trip edges, non-slip backing, and heavy weight of this mat make it the perfect classroom solution for your students to sit and work on.
  • Once positioned on the floor our mats will not move around the classroom or curl up.
  • All our mats are the highest quality available on the market and will last for years and years, wash after wash.

Easy to Clean and practical

  • All our mats are super easy to clean with just water, carpet stain remover and a scrubbing brush.
  • We do recommend treating stains with a carpet stain remover.
  • Once stains have been treated you may want to give the mat an overall clean - you can take the mat outside and clean with a hose and soapy water.
  • Once cleaned, scrape off the excess water with the back of a broom and then hand the mat to dry in the shade and it will look like new.
  • The short cut and tightly woven weave of the yarn actually repels dirt rather than trapping it like other mats.
  • You can spot clean marks as they happen. Use a carpet cleaning stain/spot remover, warm water and a scrubbing brush. Spray the stain/marks with stain remover, then dip the brush in the water and scrub the treated stain. Pat dry.
  • All our classroom mats are waterproof so flooring underneath will not get wet.
  • If you would like to see how easy our mats can be cleanedclick hereto watch our video demonstration and to see amazing before and after photos.
  • To learn more about our mats go to ourFAQ page here.

Commercial Quality 3-year Warranty

  • We stand behind the commercial quality of our mats and know they are fit for purpose. We offer a 3-year warranty against normal wear and tear in the classroom.

Sustainable and Recycled

  • The tops of all our mats are made from 100% recycled ghost fishing nets.
  • As part of a global initiative Bloom Classroom has contributed to the removal of 640 000 tonnes of these discarded nets – saving thousands of marine animals.
  • The base of our mats is made of 20% recycled car tyres and 14% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • We are excited to present beautiful commercial grade classroom mats that are sustainable and fit for purpose in Australian classrooms and schools.
  • sustainable and fit for purpose in Australian classrooms and schools.

To learn more about our sustainability clickhere.

About the Artist

We would like to show our respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past and present and we respectfully tell their stories as painted byDanielle Mate.

This beautiful classroom rug is part of a collaboration with Bloom Classroom and Danielle Mate.Danielle is a very talented Sydney based artist and descendant of the Murrawari people through her mother’s maternal side, and Euahlayi people through her mother’s paternal grandmother. Danielle has created a name for herself within the art world. Not afraid of large-scale works, her murals that can be viewed all over Sydney, and now her beautiful pieces have again been brought to life on a large scale in the form of Bloom Classroom rugs.

Learn more about the artisthere

About the design

Raw Undoings pays homage to Country and Danielles' First Nations ancestors. The work is a representationof an aerial view of the land. The black lines that wind and fork through the work represent the deep crevices of the Australian landscape, acting as borders and markers that create movement, direction and prevent people from getting lost.

Raw Undoings is about trust and balance, listening to the space, the paint and the self. It is about stopping at the beauty of first mark-making and disassembling everything that follows. It is a unique style Danielle has developed over the past 5 years and is a bolder, more expressive and biographical approach to the landscape.

The colours and the organic shapes wind across the design and as you journey along the path, you get a sense of hovering above the landscape and become immersed in the works freedom of design and beautiful colours.

A truly beautiful piece of Indigenous art to admire and a conversation starter for school students and teachers alike in the classroom, library, or important meeting space at school. A stunning physical acknowledgment to our First Nations People and their culture as part of the everyday environment of the classroom. A classroom rug that will warm any space.

💖Supporting Indigenous Artists

We believe in giving back to the communities that inspire us. With every rug sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the artist, helping them sustain their creative journey and continue sharing their heritage through their art.

We acknowledge and respect our first nations people and their incredible contribution to the arts. A strong Indigenous representation both in language and art has been very important to us at Bloom Classroom. We feel that the beauty and depth of history that can be communicated with Indigenous art is a gift we are lucky to have shared with us. We want to present beautiful art with meaning that can promote positive conversations and initiate further education and understanding and create completely inclusive environments.

We encourage schools to consider incorporating language, art, and acknowledgment to the school’s traditional landowners in our school welcome and logo mat designs and now we are thrilled to have a collection of art from two local Indigenous artists. We look forward to this collaboration and collection continuing to grow over time as we add new designs.

To see other designs go to ourGallery page here.

Creating Education Spaces For All To Flourish!


Highest quality designer rugs made specifically to an institutional standard to withstand the hard wearing classroom environment. They will look beautiful year after year and are brightly coloured with defined details. Non trip edge guaranteed not to curl or unravel. Non slip backing with high quality print, beautiful colours and defined detail.


A FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY 100% tufted nylon with 100% nitrile rubber backing.

Our mats are made from 100% recycled yarn and have a 34% nitrile rubber recycled base.

The nylon is specifically tufted and engineered pile for printing onto. It provides the perfect medium for detailed design reproduction in the printing process.
Nitrile rubber is classified as a food grade rubber and does not contain any impurities. It is resistant to oil, grease, bleach and most chemicals. The highest non slip rating and guaranteed to not curl at the edges. The rubber backing is UV resistant and the only rubber that can be commercially machine washed.

Shipping & Returns

We try to keep our freight charges at a reasonable rate so that you will only ever incur the freight charges as shown to you when you book in your shipments – but unfortunately it’s not always possible.

Depending on your location, additional charges for freight may be incurred. We will contact you after your order is placed if this is the case.


2m x 3m

Care Instructions

Spot clean with mild soapy detergent. May also be professionally cleaned – the only rubber backed mat that can be commercially machine washed. Domestic/Commercial washing machine (depending on mat size) 30ºC. Steam clean (relates to nitrile rubber products only), carpet cleaner, vacuum.

Please avoid; placing mat products in direct sunlight for long time periods (This can effect colour integrities) and could cause product distortion.
Please avoid; using certain chemical cleaners ie: acids and certain detergents (please read product instructions prior to usage).
To prolong the life of your Bloom Classroom rug; product cleaning is recommended as required or monthly (Note above guidelines).

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Indigenous Classroom Seating Mat | Rugs, Carpets & Mats | Raw Undoings (4)Indigenous Classroom Seating Mat | Rugs, Carpets & Mats | Raw Undoings (5)Indigenous Classroom Seating Mat | Rugs, Carpets & Mats | Raw Undoings (6)

Indigenous Classroom Seating Mat | Rugs, Carpets & Mats | Raw Undoings (7)

Australian Series

Exclusive rangedesigned forBloom Classroom.

This exclusive range by Bloom Classroom has been designed with our beautiful Australian landscape in mind. This range celebrates Australia and all it has to offer with colour and joy. For children these are easily identifiable places and would be perfect to create a special reading area, classroom, even the school library.

  • Quality Products

    When buying from Bloom Classroom, you will feel reassured that our products are sourced from trusted suppliers both in Australia and internationally and are of the highest quality.

  • Australian Made

    Our rugs are designed and manufactured here in Australia. It gives us the flexibility to work with our production team closely and efficiently.

Indigenous Classroom Seating Mat | Rugs, Carpets & Mats | Raw Undoings (2024)
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