I Ruined A Wedding Because The Bride: Viral Reddit AITA Story Explained (2024)

Reddit exists as a community forum where most online arguments and potential news and rumors come from. However big of a hoax a story is, Reddit still stands tall for its front-page stories, and one of them happens to be the I Ruined a Wedding Because The Bride 'Am I the A**hole' subreddit. Here's what happened.

Reddit's Am I the A**hole Stories Explained

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Reddit could easily be a source of drama as it is a fan forum community for trending news and fan opinion. However, the setting of the website itself has proved that it can do more than that.

Reddit is one of the websites that can stir drama among its posters, but more specifically, under the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit.

According to WIRED, people go to r/AmItheAsshole for judgment. Whether it be as a poster asking for advice, or as one of the site's users looking to share their own insights on disastrous stories, the subreddit is cathartic to the public domain.

It doesn't help that these stories tend to go viral the more dramatic they appear on the website. Sometimes even end up being made into TikTok videos. So, here's why I Ruined a Wedding Because The Bride caught their eye.

I Ruined a Wedding Because The Bride Viral AITA Story Explained

If you think wedding dramas only exist in soap operas, think again because it also happens in real life, too.

The I Ruined a Wedding Because The Bride story recently went viral because of a mistake where the user, who was apparently a bridesmaid, ended up wearing white to her best friend's wedding.

The full title of the subreddit reads, AITAH for wearing a white dress to a wedding after being specifically requested to by the bride.

See, the user u/CicadaPotential6437 posted about her best friend named Bella, whom she grew up with. Bella, whose wedding the poster was invited to, had apparently cooked up a scheme to set her up for failure.

As the poster wrote, Bella had intentionally fooled her into thinking that the theme of the wedding was a 'reverse color palette', where the bride and groom would wear black while the bridesmaids and groomsmen were to wear white.

It was only two hours before the wedding that the poster realized what Bella had done. The poster ended up being the only bridesmaid wearing white to Bella's wedding.

Bella appeared to have sabotaged the poster's image and reputation in a single day, built by "months of fiction". The "fiction" here is, as the poster listed, that she was still in love with Barrett, Bella's husband-to-be in the story.

It was the beginning of the poster's story, mentioning that she had hooked up with Barrett a couple of times in college. But since they didn't progress into dating, she introduced him to Bella, which led to the tragic story we know today.

Are Reddit's AITA Stories Real?

It is crucial to note that not every subreddit post is trustworthy on the site, especially since Reddit introduced a contributor program in September.

The contributor program allows eligible users to convert their Reddit gold and karma (number of upvotes received) into fiat currency, aka real money the posters could cash in from.

So, it still remains a mystery how to tell which AITA stories are real and which ones are not.

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I Ruined A Wedding Because The Bride: Viral Reddit AITA Story Explained (2024)
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